Permanence SUR RDV Mardi de 18h à 19h30 Salle Voltaire, 10 rue Voltaire, 91120 Palaiseau.
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DIRE-LIRE Association d'aide à l'apprentissage du Français

Information and subscription :

    • During “Association Day”  Associations,  saturday 5th september 2020, from 9h30 to 18h,  “place de la Victoire, Palaiseau”.
    • Openings : Tuesday from 18h00 to 19h30, excluding hollidays,  10 rue Voltaire, Palaiseau.
      Due to COVID-19 : you must take an appointment by phone 06 22 79 01, 
  • For Information only :   

 During registration, an interview allow us to define  the level of knowledge in french (writing / speaking) and to know the needs for the learner.  .

The learner have to fill an admission form and to pay the membership fee. .

After this interview DIRE-LIRE  will propose one to three lessons by week, according level, schedule and availability  

Registrations are possible until April, according with availability.  

Training will begin on 5th October.  There is no training during public and school holidays.

In order to facilitate organization and class progress, each learner has to commit he will attend regulary the classes and inform in advance for absences.  

 Subscription and educational costs :

1 lesson by week  : 35 euros / Year
2 lessons by week : 60 euros / Year
3 lessons by week : 85 euros / Year.

Cost must not prevent registration.