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Types of courses proposed

Type des cours  DIRE LIRE 2020-2021


Levels of FLE courses are those of the CEFR (Common European Framework of References for Foreign Languages)

LevelProfil des apprenants
  ALPHA1Little or no schooling in  their country. Do not speak, read, write in french.  
  ALPHA2Little or no schooling in their country. Speak and understand french (Oral level 2). little or no  reading.    
  ALPHA3Speak and understand french (Oral level 2). Read and write a little. Want to improve writing
  Améliorer l’écrit et l’oralSpeak and understand french. Want to improve Writing and Reading.Oral level B1 minimum.
  FLE A1.1Schooled in their country. Newcomers. Don’t speak french / don’t write.  
  FLE A1“Discovery level”. Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases.  Read and understand simple sentences,  announcement, posters. 
  FLE A2“Survival level”.  Can understand sentences and frequently used expressions of everyday life. Can read short and simple text, cand find informations in usual documents.   
Can wirte simple message and notes. . Use present, past perfect or simple future, logical expression (parce que …). 
  FLE B1“Autonomy level”. Can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered; Can describe experience, explain plan, and ask questions. Use correctly indicative tenses and “time connector”. Same skill in reading. Able to take part in conversation on familiar matters or personal interest.  
  Atelier ParentalitéASL methodology. With school partnership. Parents Allophone. 

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